Did John Cena Hold Back Tyler Reks?

By Damian Seeto
Tyler Reks Former WWE Wrestler
Image from dirtsheets.com

Recently released WWE Superstar Tyler Reks recently commented on twitter about his former workmates. Most of the comments were positive, although he did mention an interesting incident that involved John Cena during his tenure in the company.

Reks used to use a move constantly during WWE programming called the “Burning Hammer” as his finisher. He’d been using it during Raw, Smackdown and PPV events. If you have not seen the move before, it looks like a reversed version of Cena’s Attitude Adjustment.

Cena saw Reks use the move for the first time during a house show and instantly did not like what he saw. According to Reks, Cena pulled him aside and started to degrade him like he was a 10 year old. Cena asked “Who gave u permission to use that“? and he said to Reks if used that move again, he’d be fired.

He also mentioned about a certain “World Champion” that came into the locker room and argued that the wrestler should put all their bags in the car so he could have room on the floor putting his boots on. He did not say specifically who it was, but it could very well be CM Punk since he was champion the majority of the time Reks was still in the company.

Reks however did say a lot of positive things about most of the other guys in the locker room. Some of the names he said were Randy Orton, Kane, Chris Jericho, Undertaker and a few others too.

Reks asked for his release to the company earlier this year after spending many years just being in the lower mid-card.

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