TNA Removes PPV Events From 2013 Calendar

By Damian Seeto
TNA PPV 2013
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Ever since WCW created PPV events for every month of the year, every wrestling company started to follow suit. The WWE was the first to mimic this strategy and fans could look forward to PPV events every month. When TNA started in 2002, they too copied this business strategy. Now it seems the company is taking a different route and we will not see as many PPV events from them in 2013.

The reports came in once the company’s PPV called “Lockdown” was moved to March instead of its usual annual spot in the month of April. Two PPV events have already been removed from the 2013 calendar and they include “Against All Odds” and “No Surrender“.

The possible reason for the cutbacks in PPV events is because TNA wants to have a proper build up for both Lockdown and Bound for Glory. Two months allows for better storylines to develop instead of just the four weeks it usually takes to hype up such events.

Unlike with the WWE right now, TNA has started to book events and storylines well in advance with matches and material already written. This is a good strategy since it will eliminate the need to produce redundant PPV events that fans will feel as being too predictable.

The WWE are unlikely to adopt the same strategy because it still earns a boatload money by producing PPV events every month. Although one could say that this month’s TLC PPV as being redundant since most people expect CM Punk to beat Ryback to face off against The Rock at the Royal Rumble. The same can be said about the Elimination Chamber event too which is scheduled in-between the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania each year.

It will be interesting to see if TNA fans will like the reduction in PPV events in 2013. I for one think it’s a good thing as you will see less rematches all of the time…

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