CM Punk Undergoes Emergency Knee Surgery

By Riley Schmitt

The WWE title reign of CM Punk may be coming to an end due to unforeseen circumstances.  The champion is undergoing emergency knee surgery after he was driven through a table by Ryback on Monday night.  There is no word on how serious the injury is and how long that Punk may be out for.

This going to throw a serious wrench into any plans that the company had.  If Punk is out for even a month, the title picture gets completely messed up.  It hurts long term plans it could put the company in a very bad spot.  They need Punk to keep the storylines fresh.  They are building towards something big for him during Wrestlemania season but that can not happen if he is hurt.

Since this is such a sudden thing, I bet the company is trying to figure out to get something done for the upcoming PPV.  I still think it is way too early to put the belt on Ryback but you never know.  Punk has dominated the scene and the addition of Paul Heyman has been wonderful.  However, all that momentum could have just been erased due to a bad fall.

We will keep you posted when updates on his surgery are released.  It is not a good sign to have one of the faces of the company undergoing emergency knee surgery, especially with some very big events coming up.  If Punk has to miss a lot of time, it could spell bad news for the stories going forward.

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