John Cena Hates Being Called The "Flagbearer" Of The WWE

By Damian Seeto
John Cena Still Topdog
Image from interviewed John Cena recently about his ten-year tenure in the professional wrestling company. Although the WWE and lots of other people label Cena as the “flagbearer” of the company, he has revealed he actually hates being called that.

Here’s an excerpt of what he said during the interview:

“I just do the best I can do. I hate those words like “face of the company” or “flagbearer.” I hate that. I’m just the best that I can be,” said Cena. “And, I take great pride in that people want to come after me. I’m always ready for a fight. I’m me, I’m the best me I can be, and we’ve put together a pretty good ten years and I’m hoping for ten more.”

It’s strange Cena would hate being called those words since the WWE has built the whole company around him since his superstar rise to the top back in 2005. Back then though, he shared the load of being the top guy along with Batista.

After Batista left back in 2010, it appeared as if the WWE were trying to push Randy Orton as the top guy as he was made into a babyface. Although Orton is still popular, he never became as popular as Cena currently is.

It’s possible Cena doesn’t like being called the top person in the company right now because he’s 35 years old and he knows he cannot carry the load forever. Not to mention he rarely gets a day off nowadays with all of the media and other appearances he makes.

Whether he likes it or not, Cena is still clearly the most popular star in the WWE. The company is trying to get behind Ryback now, since CM Punk turned into a heel earlier this year.

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