Ric Flair Unlikely To Wrestle Ever Again

By Damian Seeto
Ric Flair Retiring For Good
Image from botchmania.com

Ric Flair has declared in a new interview Wrestlenewz.com that it’s highly unlikely we will see him wrestle ever again. The main part of his decision was made when Jerry Lawler recently has his heart attack.

He’s what Flair said when asked about his ability to wrestle inside a wrestling ring again:

WNZ: Will we see you wrestle again?

Ric Flair: I want to be in the ring, but it will never happen again. I said I’d never wrestle in WWE… and then there’s the Jerry Lawler incident.

WNZ: So Lawler’s heart attack has changed the perception of older wrestlers continuing to perform?

Ric Flair: Yeah, it really did. I like Jerry very much. What happened to Jerry was terrible, and thank God he’s OK. But I wish people wouldn’t gauge me by what happened to him. Everybody’s an individual. But I think it kind of put a decision on my future in the ring, you know what I mean? And that’s fine, because I went back to the ring in TNA, and that will never happen again.

Flair has been known to retire and comeback and wrestle a lot of times. His “retirement” was at WWE’s WrestleMania XXIV when he lost against Shawn Michaels. Even though he never wrestled in the WWE again, this did not stop him from wrestling again in other companies.

Flair went on to wrestle in a special Hulk Hogan wrestling world tour shortly after he left the WWE and then went on to wrestle many more matches when he signed a contract with TNA Wrestling.

He has not wrestled since he left TNA last year. Many fans believed he might wrestle someday again, but Lawler’s heart attack had a severe impact on the decision to remain outside of the ring. After all, Flair is 63 years old right now and most people his age shouldn’t be wrestling.

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