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The Rebirth of the TNA Knockouts Division. First Up, Velvet Sky’s Return


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Earlier this year (about mid way through 2012), we here with Rant Sports reported that due to some of the annual layoffs that took place within  TNA Impact Wrestling, one of the pioneering women who help construct the Knockouts Division, Velvet Sky was released from her contact with the company. Tonight on Impact Wrestling, a special surprise to the crowd, Velvet Sky makes her return to Total Nonstop Action.

It appears that TNA is now back into the swing of things when it comes to putting a focus back on their Knockout Division, as for the majority of this year, there has been a very noticeable lull in that area.

On Impact Wrestling tonight, Mickey James makes her return  back to the ring to announce that she will be making her return to the squared circle and focusing on being back on top of the Knockouts Mountain. James has been out due to personal health reasons, but she stated that she has recovered and is ready for action. Shortly after, Tara interrupts her promo and enters the ring along with her “Hollywood Boyfriend” Jesse (From the reality show “Big Brother”) and antagonize Mickey stating that she will come no where close to the Knockouts Championship. After words were exchanged, one of the most recognizable entrance songs blared through the Impact Zone, and out came Velvet Sky. Velvet, just like James, made claim that the year 2013, we will see Miss Sky back on top of the mountain where she belonged by being the TNA Knockout Champion. Sky also gives credit to Brooke Hogan for being instrumental on bringing her back.

Before Velvets termination, she made a great deal of improvement when it came to her in ring abilities. Velvet is dedicated to being one of the top women athletes to step in the ring. Expect to see 2013 as a grand year for the TNA Knockouts.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer For Rant Sports