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Monday Night Raw’s Future, In Terms Of Being A Three Hour Show


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Back in July of this year, on the 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw. Not only was this a milestone episode for the flagship of WWE television programming, but this would also be the inauguration of ushering in a new 3 hour every week, episode of Monday Night Raw.

Going into this new standard way of broadcasting, many wrestling fans met this idea with much harsh criticism. Questioning whether this move would be an intelligent move to make, considering how much “filler” was already on the regularly scheduled 2 hour broadcast.

Leading up to that point, Raw was delivering some episodes that most fans found on the lower end of favoring. When you have 2 hour episodes of Raw that end with John Cena covering Michael Cole with Jim Ross’s custom barbeque sauce, you have to wonder if the content department would be challenged in fulfilling Raw with 3 hours of solid programming. However, barbeque sauce or no barbeque sauce, despite the criticism that internet wrestling fans have shown toward the 3 hours, there is one entity that is very pleased with its progress. The USA Network.

WWE CFO George Barrios stated yesterday that the USA Network is pleased with the additional hour of programming, and the company will continue to produce weekly live three hour Raws. Barrios said the 8:00 p.m. hour is “up 35 percent versus what it replaced for USA.” Which makes sense, because there are many more viewers tuning into a live Monday Night Raw, versus people who are watching reruns of NCIS. USA has always been big on the three hour Raws, when they see the numbers that it generates. Despite the low ratings that have been occurring (along with the few record lows that occurred this year), this seems to be a vehicle that USA has no intentions of stopping anytime soon.


Maurice D. Proffit is a writer for Rant Sport