CM Punk's Knee Surgery A Success

By Damian Seeto
CM Punk Ready To Wrestle
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CM Punk has been wrestling with a niggling knee injury for a few months now. It got to a point that it became very serious and he needed major emergency surgery in order for it to get repaired. Punk has said that the surgery was a success and he’s now fit and ready to compete as early as possible.

This comes as great news for the WWE and its plans for Punk in the coming months. After all, the company has been building up a match between him and The Rock as far back as last July. Not to mention that Punk is likely to be featured in a premier match at WrestleMania 29 too. Speculation predicts that he may face off against The Undertaker in the main event of the night.

Punk was so confident that the surgery healed him, he told WWE officials that he is ready to compete against Ryback at the TLC PPV. Although WWE could have put the match back on, they decided to give Punk more time to rest up. This is mainly because the match is a TLC match and it’s very possible that he could get re-injured in a match that involves lots of weapons.

An interesting part about Punk’s injury is that it’s not expected that he will miss any TV time because of it. It’s unknown what his plans for Raw are right now, nor do we know what he has in store for us at the TLC PPV. It’s possible he could interfere in someone’s match, or WWE could give him the night off entirely…

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