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CM Punk vs Ryback Still Planned

CM Punk vs Ryback

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With CM Punk vs Ryback effectively cancelled at the TLC PPV, the WWE still plans to hold the match at a future date. The plan as of now is to hold it at a RAW event prior to the Royal Rumble PPV.

It’s unlikely the match will take place on New Year’s Eve since the company feels the show will have a really low rating. This is understandable as most people will be out partying that night instead of just sitting at home watching wrestling.

The plan as of now is for the match to take on the first Raw show of 2013 on January 7th. This might be the best date to hold the match as any date later than this will be too late because they would need to start building for the Royal Rumble title match with The Rock.

With the way things are going now, this match might be too predictable for fans to see as the company has been building up CM Punk vs The Rock for several months now. It’s pretty likely that someone (like The Shield) will interfere in the match so that Ryback will feud with someone else while Punk prepares for his showdown against The Rock.

It’s quite funny how WWE built Ryback as “undefeated” but now he has string of losses thanks to Punk. Sure they were unclean victories but they still count as losses. If Ryback loses again to Punk in 2013, one has to wonder how he will bounce back to the main event with the amount of losses he’s accumulated over the years.