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The Ugly Familiar Face of Injury Once Again Revisits Kurt Angle

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Back when Olympic Gold medalist, Kurt Angle, was in the WWE, in his last run with the WWE in 2006 he was moved over from the Monday Night Raw Roster to the ECW roster that summer. When he was moved to that brand, he was re-branded from being “Kurt Angle: The Olympic Gold Medalist” to “Kurt Angle: The Wrestling Machine”. And here we are six years later in TNA, and it appears that the “Wrestling Machine” moniker still stands with him. Last night at TNA Final Resolution Pay Per View, Angle was involved in an eight man tag team match, where he was teaming up with Samoa Joe, Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco facing against four members of the Aces of 8′s: Devon, DOC and two unnamed members.

Despite Kurt Angle’s team coming away with the victory, he (personally) walked away with a groin injury as well. It was not noticeable during the action of the match, since there were others to get the job done. If there was any question regarding any of the grimaces that Kurt Angle made during the match, all of those were answered when he set out this tweet on twitter last night after the match:

Kurt Angle via Twitter:

I Will Wrestle through My Groin tear Because I’m a Cyborg. Nothing Can Hurt Me, as long as My twitter friends Believe In Me. Much Love!!!!!

Thus the tie in with the “Wrestling Machine”. But even if he is deciding to wrestle through his injury, Angle is no stranger to being in this position. Kurt Angle has wrestled some of his most highest profiled matches in his career while dealing with significant injuries. His most notable was in 1996 at the Atlanta Olympic Games, Kurt wrestled in the gold medal finals of the heavyweight division with a broken neck, and won the gold medal for the United States. In 2003, Kurt Angle wrestled Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 19. There too, Kurt Angle was a match time decision whether or not he would be OK to wrestle, due to the neck injury that he sustained a few weeks back, but was able to perform and steal the show that night.

One of my biggest concerns of Angle, when he arrived in TNA in 2006 was his health. Up to that point Angle never really took any significant time away from the ring, he just kept going, and at that time he was entering into a different realm of competition, so it was almost as if he was starting all over. Granted he has taken time away from the ring since then, but if he is deciding that he can wrestle through this injury, I only hope its for the best and he knows and acknowledges his limits.


Maurice D. Proffit is a writer for Rant Sports