WWE Rumors: Booking John Cena For A Possible "Once In A Lifetime" Part 2?

By Maurice D. Proffit


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Last year, Wrestlemania 28 had the subtitle tag line of  “Once In A Lifetime”. This tag line was vividly indicated for the headlining main event of the show John Cena vs The Rock.  However, the “Once in a Lifetime” tag just may need to be taken back as this is once again on WWE‘s radar to once again headline the main event at Wrestlemania 29, live from Met Life Stadium.

However, if you are on the side of arguing that last year actually WAS “Once in a Lifetime”, you may have a valid point because the underlining difference about this match at Wrestlemania 29 and their match last year at 28 — The Rock vs John Cena part 2 will be for the WWE Championship, with The Rock as the WWE Champion.

In terms of the booking for the lead in to this match, the WWE’s plan is to keep John Cena relatively low in terms of the WWE Title picture for a while. The plan (which is being executed currently) is to have Ryback as the WWE’s top babyface of the company until the re-phase in, of The Rock occurs.

Once The Rock comes back, he will then be the No. 1 babyface of the company, thus the reason why he is going after the WWE Championship. Usher in the Royal Rumble main event match of The Rock vs CM Punk, and The Rock wins the WWE Title.

This will give Cena a few options of how he will win the #1 contender spot for Wrestlemania. Will he win the Royal Rumble? Doubt it. More than likely Cena’s win for the No. 1 contendership will occur at The Elimination Chamber PPV, closing out the show.

This also plays a role in thus Sunday’s Tables Ladders and Chair’s PPV match that John Cena has with Dolph Ziggler, where Dolph’s Money In The Bank briefcase will be on the line in a Ladder Match. However, that briefcase is for a cash in for the World Heavyweight Championship. And since Cena is going to lay low from the title picture, then we can put together what that outcome may be.


Maurice D. Proffit is a writer for Rant Sports

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