Shelton Benjamin And MVP Might Be Returning To WWE Soon

By Damian Seeto
MVP and Shelton Benjamin In WWE
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The WWE might be planning to bring back former superstars Shelton Benjamin and MVP back to the company after releasing both men a couple of years ago.

The reason the company wants to bring back some familiar faces is so that they can work some matches with some of the current wrestlers in the company. This is a good move on their part as the roster is pretty thin at the moment.

Benjamin was released in 2010, although has since been wrestling in the independent circuit with both Ring of Honor and New Japan Wrestling. MVP asked for his release in the company back in 2010 as well as he felt he wasn’t getting pushed. Both men now compete in New Japan as a tag-team with the name of “Black Dynamite.”

It’s hard to know what other names might be coming back to the company, but some other wrestlers that could be called back up again include Carlito and John Morrison. All of these guys were entertaining in the WWE’s mid-card a few years ago and could make the company a little more exciting than it is right now.

As aforementioned, the roster is pretty thin right now and fans have been subjected to seeing the same matches booked each and every week. Ryback has faced Tensai many times over the past few weeks while Zack Ryder has jobbed out to Alberto del Rio many times this year too. By bringing back some dependable stars back into the fold, we might see more diverse matches from 2013 onward.

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