TNA Lockdown 2013 Seating Plan At The Alamodome Revealed

By Damian Seeto
TNA Lockdown 2013 Seating Plan
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When TNA President Dixie Carter announced that TNA will be holding the Lockdown 2013 PPV at the Alamodome, many people were skeptical about the decision because there were no chances of a TNA show in the USA that could ever fill out a stadium-sized show. The seating plan has finally been revealed and all the questions have been answered.

Ticketmaster has unveiled the official seating plan for the show at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. The TNA Lockdown PPV will only use a quarter of the stadium.

It’s hard to estimate how many seats have been reserved, although the company usually does not sell more than 10,000 tickets in the USA. Most events that are held outside of their home base in Orlando, Fla. sell anywhere between 3000 – 9000 tickets.

The only time the company sells around 20,000 tickets is when they visit the UK. Over in that country, TNA is more popular than the WWE and the fans are more into the product than those who live in the USA.

Before the seating plan was revealed, many people were doubting TNA’s ability to fill out all the seats in the 65,000 seat capacity of the Alamodome. The WWE did not even sell out the venue when it held the Royal Rumble event back in 1997 with Shawn Michaels face on the advertising posters. Keep in mind that Michaels is a hometown boy.

TNA better hope it can at least sell out Lockdown 2013 with the 10,000 or so seats it has reserved at the Alamodome. The advertising posters heavily show Hulk Hogan, so the company better hope people still recognize him.

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