The WWE DVD Viewing Experience Only Gets Better In 2013

By Maurice D. Proffit
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For many wrestling fans, one of the true gifts of following pro wrestling is being bit with the bug of the must need to collect. Whether it be t-shirts, actions figures, posters or even archived pro wrestling magazines. Being a collector is one of the fascinating obsessions that overcome us as fans. But even if some of us collect one or the other, it is safe to say that there is one common denmomenator. Wrestling fans LOVE to collect DVD’s.

Self media archiving is one facet about wresting fans that only gets greater the older we get. The older we get, maybe the t-shirts lessen, I’m sure the posters and the action figures do too. But DVD’s and Blu Rays will remain constant when it comes to our priority. To satiate this obsession of ours, this news should be rather pleasant to hear.

WWE Magazine just announced four new DVD/Blu Ray sets that are set to released in 2013:


WWE Magazine has confirmed the release dates for the following WWE DVD‘s…
-February 2013: “The Best of WCW Nitro” Volume 2
-March 2013: Bret Hart Never-Before-Seen Matches Compilation
-April 2013: Best of “In Your House PPVs”
-September 2013: WCW War Games compilation


Not exactly too sure what else the Best of WCW Monday Nitro DVD will encompass, but it’s a good chance it’ll be additional matches.

In Your House sounds fantastic! There were many sleeper matches that were on those pay per views that were easily forgotten. These never before seen matches can be strong in terms of content.

You won’t be able to go wrong with Bret Hart’s never before seen matches. A good Bret Hart Match = Sold.

War Games will be a solid DVD. Although it will be a compilation, it would be nice to have a 60 min documentary.  In this way we can have the history of war games. For instance, how the idea came about, the after effects of the match and first time impressions.

These should be some great titles to keep an eye out in 2013.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer For Rant Sports


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