WWE Attitude Era Returning Soon?

By Damian Seeto
WWE Attitude Era
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According to PWInsider.com, there has been a big push to change things up in the WWE. The focus for the next few months now is to make the product more “edgier” than it has been for the last few years.

Even though it wasn’t Vince McMahon’s idea, he’s open to ideas and suggestions that will make the WWE more interesting than it has been for the last few months.

Ever since the likes of The Rock and Brock Lesnar left earlier this year, ratings have been the worst they have been in the last 15 years. The ratings have suffered even more ever since Raw started to become 3 hours permanently since July. Most viewers have tuned out once the third hour of the show has started and the trend has never improved.

It’s hard to predict if the WWE will usher in a second “Attitude Era”, although the last time ratings have been this poor was way back in 1997. Back then, the company were losing the ratings war to the WCW and McMahon knew he had to do something to keep his company afloat.

1998 was the year the “Attitude Era” was born and it arguably became the most popular period in professional wrestling history since Hulk Hogan’s dominance back in the ’80s. The era was popular thanks to the antics that Stone Cold Steve Austin did to McMahon, plus there was the likes of The Rock, Mankind, Undertaker and others that made the product interesting to watch.

The report suggests that there will also be a heavy focus on actual wrestling too. Current viewers will know that the WWE has been a bit sidetracked lately with the love storylines involving AJ Lee, John Cena and others.

With both The Rock and Lesnar due back to wrestle in early 2013, this hopefully might be the time that WWE fans are treated to something different.

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