Who Is Going To Headline The WWE TLC PPV?

By Sebastian Suave
Courtesy of cagesideseats.com

With the recent injury that sidelined WWE Champion C.M. Punk, it’s not all too clear who will main event WWE’s TLC PPV. The PPV features some quality matches such as Wade Barrett versus Kofi Kingston for the WWE Intercontinental Championship and Antonio Cesaro versus R-Truth for the United States Championship. However, both those titles are secondary titles and neither match features the PPV’s themed stipulations. It’s also safe to assume the Diva’s Battle Royal won’t headline the show regardless of it being advertised for the pre-show!

That being said we are left with four matches with all of them having a stipulation of either tables, ladders, chairs or all the above. Up first we have Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara up against the team of Rhodes Scholars in a #1 Contender’s Match for the WWE Tag Team Titles. The match stipulation for this one is a Tables Match where both opponents must be put through tables in order to win.

Despite the quality in talent within this match there is no storyline or build up here. Rhodes Scholars only recently won the right to compete in this match and the match is not even for a title. Lastly, with respect to all four competitors, none are main eventers with the exception of Mysterio who has been either sidelined or in tag action for as long as we could remember.

The remaining three matches all have a good pitch to main event. The Big Show versus Sheamus match features a feud that has been well invested in over the past few months and is set to hit its peak with a Chairs Match come Sunday. This match is also for the World Heavyweight Championship no less. The one counter argument is the fact that this feud has not necessarily captivated the WWE Universe nor does it feature a top draw such as John Cena, The Rock or CM Punk.

Up next is another feud but one that is in its early stages with Cena versus Dolph Ziggler. This match carries a lot of weight for receiving the main event spot. The two superstars will be competing in a Ladders Match with Ziggler’s Money In The Bank briefcase on the line no less. Let’s not forget that between the two, Vicky Guerrero and AJ Lee, WWE programming has a lot of vested time in the development of this feud. However, if the winner of the match is to cash in their briefcase then it may put the match out of the main event spot in order to accomplish that effort.

Lastly, we have a six-man tag match between Ryback and Team Hell No versus The Shield in a Tabbles, Ladders & Chairs Match. In my opinion and according to the rumors, this match is likely to main event. With Ryback’s current momentum and his original match being scheduled to face Punk for the WWE Championship, it is likely that this match was and still is the main event. To further support this match is the fact that it is the sole match to feature all the weapons for the PPV’s theme. In essence, it is an actual TLC match and thus would be fitting to be the main.

In the end, this match features Ryback, The Shield and Punk to some extent. These are all main event players for the WWE who are all tied into their top storyline arguably. The additions of Kane and Daniel Bryan in this match is a bonus as you have two former world champions who are dependable and who can carry some weight. Expect to the the six-man TLC match to headline this Sunday’s PPV.

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