WWE Rumors: Alberto del Rio Turning Babyface

By Damian Seeto
Alberto del Rio Babyface
Image from fanpop.com

The latest rumor to go around is that long-time heel wrestler Alberto del Rio is set to be turned into a babyface character sometime in 2013.

The reason the WWE wants to turn Del Rio into a good guy is because they want a wrestler for its large Hispanic audience to cheer for. For many years, Rey Mysterio was the top Hispanic star of the company and was able to draw a pretty decent ratings at his peak when he was wrestling on the Smackdown brand.

As for Mysterio right now, officials are not too high on him and this is due for a number of things. First of all, Mysterio has been wrestling for close to 20 years now and is unlikely to stay much longer as an active wrestler. Not to mention he’s been injured frequently over the last four years or so and has constantly needed to take time off to heal his wounds.

Sin Cara is the other top Hispanic star the company has, but they feel he’s not ready to be pushed into the main events yet. This is why Del Rio is the only person they have left to fill in this role.

If Del Rio becomes a babyface, he might have to change his whole persona completely. Rich guys aren’t usually fan favorites as the crowd usually boos them. This is evident with guys like Vince McMahon, JBL and even Ted DiBiase just to name a few. Maybe Del Rio’s ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez will help him get over as a babyface. He received a very warm reception when he entered the 2012 Royal Rumble match when Del Rio was injured at the time…

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