WWE Rumors: Possible Undertaker Wrestlemania 29 Opponents

By Andrew Fisher

As we get closer to the Royal Rumble, talk will begin to heat up as to who the Undertaker might face at Wrestlemania. For a while, it was unclear if Taker would even perform at the event, apparently due to issues with his replaced hip. But recently, word has spread across the internet that Taker will indeed wrestle a match at WM 29.

Because of his hip injury, it’s not expected to be as brutal of a match such as we’ve seen the last two years. Don’t expect another HIAC match or any sort of themed contest, it will likely just be a normal pro wrasslin’ match. There’s nothing wrong with that.

One person that Taker apparently does not want to face is Ryback. Other than that it seems anyone is one table, but we all know when it comes to these matches, only a few names will be considered. Let’s take a look at the most likely candidates:

Brock Lesnar – This match has been in the works ever since their stare down several years back at a UFC PPV event. This is a match that would definitely draw, but the outcome is so predictable. No way Taker puts over a part-timer who is on the record as someone who doesn’t love the business.

John Cena – Many think Cena is the only person that could actually end the streak. I partially agree with that, but I just don’t see a Cena/Taker match happening…this year.

The Rock – If Dwayne is not involved in the title picture, the Undertaker would be another possible challenge. The Rock has done it all, except…

CM Punk – As of now, Punk seems to be the most probable opponent. There would be many ways to book it, but the most popular is no doubt Streak vs. Streak. If they keep the title on Punk, his reign would be at 500-plus days heading into Mania. That, up against a 20-0 steak would make for a great storyline, not to mention the match itself would be outstanding.

I will be absolutely shocked if Taker faces someone outside of those four guys. We’ll have to wait and see, but we likely won’t have a clear answer until after the Rumble.

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