Ric Flair Returns To Monday Night Raw

By Riley Schmitt
Bleacher Report

Ric Flair is back in the WWE. The wrestling legend returned to Monday Night Raw as he was named a presenter for the Slammy Awards. The awards themselves are stupid but it is not every day that you get to see a legend like this return to the business. He did not have a big part on the show but expect this to change soon.

Flair is going to have a big role going forward.  He is going to end up being a key manager for someone in the near future.  The company has wanted to bring him back for a couple of months now, but pending litigation halted that push.  Now that the Nature Boy is back, fans will want to see him a lot more.  He is so charismatic that he can help can get anyone over.

Flair is probably the best decorated legend still alive.  You can say that he did not have a huge impact on making wrestling go national, but you can not find a guy who had better feuds in his life.  Even in his older age, he could still put on a decent match.  If some guys were still wrestling when he was, they would be extremely limited.  Flair’s style allowed him to still stay fresh.

I definitely marked out when I heard the trademark Flair “WOOOO.”  I know there were a lot of others that did too.  I hope we see Flair a lot in the coming months.  It would certainly help the business.


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