The Shield Will Have A Bright Future In WWE

By Damian Seeto
The Shield In WWE
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When Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns collectively made their debuts in the WWE as “The Shield”, nobody knew (unless you watched NXT) what they were all like as wrestlers. All doubts of their abilities were diminished as all three men shined at the TLC PPV.

The tables, ladders and chairs match they had against Kane, Daniel Bryan and Ryback was the best match of the night. Not only that, but some people have called it the best TLC match since the Attitude Era. If you saw the actual match itself, this is not an exaggeration as all six men managed to keep the action exciting for over 20 minutes long.

The match was orchestrated brilliantly and was used to highlight every wrestler’s strengths. Both Ryback and Reigns were used sparingly in the match and shined when they were needed. Kane was also the muscle man for his team and was close to winning the match at one point. The backbone of the match is all thanks to Bryan, Ambrose and Rollins who carried the action throughout. It was a brawl no less and it was a type of match that fans would normally see in the “Attitude Era”.

This TLC match was proof that blood isn’t needed all the time to make a match both violent yet exciting. All it needs is talented wrestlers that understand how to tell a good story inside of the ring. The Shield proved their worth at TLC and showed to the world that they’re more than just a “flash-in-the-pan”. If WWE pushes them right (unlike what they did with The Nexus), then fans have something to look forward to seeing in the years to come.

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