Why Dolph Ziggler Is Ready To Show The World!

By Maurice D. Proffit


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On September 20th 2010, Monday Night Raw was live from Rockford, IL, the night after the 3rd annual WWE Night of Champions pay per view that was in Chicago, IL. Raw opened up with a champion vs champion match where The New WWE United States Champion Daniel Bryan was facing off against the WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler. For the next 18 min, these two men put on a match…oh excuse me….a clinic, which was easily in the conversation of being a match of the year contender.

The match raised the bar so high on excellence, that it was comparable to Bret “The Hitman” Hart vs Mr. Perfect at Summer Slam 1991 (Kids, if you’re scratching your heads, Youtube this match…now!) . But more importantly, this is when I knew that Dolph Ziggler was not only my favorite on the WWE roster, but when he showed that he was the future of the business.

We have witnessed a single metamorphosis of this athlete go from stable extra (when he was a member of the Spirit Squad) to now being the top star in the WWE, after defeating WWE Icon John Cena last night at the TLC pay per view. Ziggler has a very uncanny work ethic that would’ve been quite prevelent in the late 80’s/early 90’s. When watching him in the ring, he has mastered the ability of captivating the audience, for the simple fact that he never delivers the same match. When on camera Ziggler simply reinvents the wheel, thus rewriting history whenever in the ring.

A few weeks ago, here at Rant Sports, we did a piece on the then upcoming match between Ziggler and Cena at the TLC PPV and predicted that the match would steal the show. Not only did it accomplish this feat, but now the match is in discussion of “Match Of The Year”. Last night I saw elements of Ziggler that showed that he was more than ready for the main event. From the sheer look of determination on his face when coming down the aisle, to the “Never Say Die” focus on his face during the match, to the realization of the moment of victory that he wore so proud on his face. Ziggler Is Ready.

Dolph Ziggler has succeeded in covering all areas of content in terms of being top talent caliber. Excellent look, Hollywood swag, bold confidence, platinum mike skills and prime time TV ready. For this day and age, Dolph Ziggler is the perfect heel to head the company. Even when teaming him with Jack Swagger, Dolph continued to show that when you’re in the driver seat of the Ferrari, having a passenger is just too much. He is what Chris Jericho was on his first major WWE heel run when he won the Undisputed Championship, mixed with the popularity of his heel status when in WCW.

This is where he is right now and this is why he is dangerous. Its only a matter of time until this man is the World Champion, and I agree with him, that “first” World Heavyweight Championship run does not count. This man deserves better. Expect him to be the WWE Champion by the time Wrestlemania 30 rolls into town. Why? Because he’s here to show the world.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer For Rant Sports


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