Big E Langston Makes His Impressive WWE Debut

By Damian Seeto
Big E Langston Now In WWE
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One of the most impressive prospects from NXT has finally made his debut to the main roster in the WWE. Big E Langston debuted in impressive fashion by laying out John Cena at the end of Raw.

Langston has been wrestling for quite some time now in NXT as is its current champion. While he was wrestling down there, he was booked as a babyface and most of the fans started to warm to his gimmick and huge physique.

He had a pretty unique act where he demanded the referee count to five instead of the usual three. He even had a hand gesture not too dissimilar to Booker T raising his hand in the air and saying the number “five” repeatedly.

It’s good to know that the WWE is currently pushing new stars onto the main roster. It was only a month ago that other NXT alumni (Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins) made their debuts attacking Ryback and Cena at the Survivor Series PPV.

The only thing that I would like to know if Langston has improved on his microphone skills. Sure he looks like an impressive specimen, but he’s not really a good talker right now. It appears as if he’s aligned with Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee at the moment so they’ll probably do most of the talking for him.

Let’s hope the WWE doesn’t mess up his momentum and make him lose to Cena so quickly. Wade Barrett was pushed early on in his career but a string of losses to Cena and others made him go back to the mid-card.

In either case, look out for Langston from now on as he’s sure to not disappoint you.

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