Is Rock vs. Cena II Good For Business?

By Sebastian Suave
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The popular rumor going around is a WrestleMania rematch between The Rock and John Cena. It is said that the match up can help give the card a marquee match that it desperately needs in order to get its media coverage and PPV buys. To be honest, I can see the thinking behind that but it is not the best course of action.

The match has already happened and there is no demand for a rematch by the viewing audience. Most important of all, their match last year did not deliver an Undertaker/HHH or an Undertaker/Shawn Michaels kind of performance that would leave the fans drooling for a rematch. The only people who may want this are the faithful members of Cena Nation who would want their retribution for last year’s loss but they are easy to please anyways. There are plenty of positions you can place Cena in that would please that fan base and give them something special to talk about.

The worse part of it all is that it would be too obvious as to who would win. It would be Cena and the win would start talks of a tie-breaker match. If the viewing audience does not care to see the rematch, I doubt they would be all too excited for a third bout. That bout was meant to be a big stage match and was done so properly with the first encounter. A third encounter on a smaller stage would not be watched by many of the same viewers who tune in and help create the buzz annually during WrestleMania.

Respectfully, it would also be a waste of The Rock and the limited amount of matches the WWE has to use him in. The Rock still looks better than ever but he likely won’t be competing in a WWE ring in five years time and if he is, it will lose its throwback appeal that he is providing nowadays. Putting The Rock in dream matches such as the upcoming one with C.M. Punk are the wiser moves.

I’m sure there is a couple other guys The Rock can go toe-to-toe with to bump ratings and deliver classics with. Matches versus the likes of HHH would deliver but may be best reserved for a one-time bout with less build up as the match would sell itself based on Attitude Era nostalgia. Another throwback match that would appeal would be an encounter with Brock Lesnar. This bout may potentially peak the interest of MMA fans which could potentially bring in new fans to the WWE.

Or they can mix him with next generation main eventers such as Daniel Bryan, The Shield, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett or Sheamus. Whatever the decision is, it should be with a conscious effort to better the future of the WWE.

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