When Will Dolph Ziggler Cash-In His MITB Briefcase?

By Sebastian Suave
Courtesy of dirtsheets.com

At this point on the WWE calendar, many of the big rumors and questions within the WWE Universe revolve around WrestleMania or the key events that will lead to it. Among the popular topics of discussion are C.M. Punk versus The Rock at the Royal Rumble, the winner of the Royal Rumble, the Undertaker’s opponent and streak, and potential opponents for marquee names like The Rock, Brock Lesnar and HHH.

However, one question that should be discussed among the aforementioned is Dolph Ziggler’s MITB briefcase cash-in. When should Ziggler cash-in? Where should he cash-in? Against who should he cash-in? We should also asked a question that I brought up in a previous article, should he cash-in successfully?

The two biggest stages left to do it on happen to also be the two biggest stages with the Royal Rumble in Phoenix, Arizona and WrestleMania in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Many have speculated that it could occur right after the Punk vs. Rock match while others believe it will occur at the Elimination Chamber bringing back memories of Edge’s MITB cash-in. Either way, a victory would be a near guarantee that Ziggler would be going into Mania as the champion.

Under such an assumption would John Cena win the Rumble and challenge Ziggler on the grandest stage of them all? Or will Cena will end up costing Ziggler his cash-in as teased during last night’s episode of WWE Raw. Another theory would be one where Ziggler declares his cash-in to make it a three-way bout for Mania.

There are hundreds of possibilities but it is likely that Cena will be tied in to Ziggler’s successful or unsuccessful cash-in as it is safe to assume that this rivalry is to continue. This feud is best for both competitors as it elevates Ziggler into a relevant spotlight and Cena gets to spend a couple months with a fresh face that could produce quality matches with him.

The contrary opinion revolves around the strong rumor going around that the WWE might go with Rock vs. Cena II for Mania. In such a case, does Ziggler get relegated to a the World title sans storyline and lose all momentum? Who would he face in such a scenario? The Big Show or Sheamus? Or a completely  new face in the title scene?

There is also the possibility of a Raw or SmackDown cash-in but that would be a waste considering how long they have held it off combined with the push that Ziggler has received. In the end, it’s not about if the cash-in is successful or not, it is about the cash-in either making Ziggler or contributing to a story that will do just that. A short-term pop or ratings boost would be a complete waste of all the right moves made thus far by the WWE.

In my opinion, the cash-in should be made at Mania and it should be stated by Ziggler that that was his intention all along. He is “The Show Off”!  His character (and the man himself) is all about the spotlight and there is no bigger spotlight than WrestleMania.

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