WWE Announces Royal Rumble Fan Fest

By Damian Seeto
WWE Royal Rumble 2013
Image from telly-tv.com

The WWE usually reserves Fan Axxess events for WrestleMania. In recent years, they’ve added fan experience events for SummerSlam too. In January 2013, the company is set to introduce a fan event for the Royal Rumble PPV.

Tickets will go on sale this Thursday morning and takes place at the US Airways Center on Saturday, January 26th. Not only does it include a general ticket to the event, you can also purchase tickets to two “Superstar Panels”.

We won’t know how much tickets will be until they go on sale later this week. Something tells me that a certain huge WWE Superstar will be at the event, which is why they are holding such an event during Royal Rumble weekend.

As most of us will already know, The Rock will be wrestling at the event and will compete to win the WWE Championship Title. The Rock has not held a championship title in over a decade, and this is the first time he might be able to regain the gold. The last time he held a title was when he lost to Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam 2002.

With TV ratings dropping and overall interest in the product down, WWE is doing all they can to keep fans invested in their product. The Rock has been advertised as the main focus for this year’s Royal Rumble, and a fan experience event is the best way to keep fans even more excited about the event, as there’s a chance they could meet him in person.

It’s highly likely he will face off against CM Punk at the event, which could go down as one of the most hyped and talked about Royal Rumble PPVs in recent memory.

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