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Rant Awards Of Wrestling, Recognizing Year 2012 Of Achievements

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The Rant Awards of Wrestling

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In life, we all set our sites on the pursuit and the journey to reach a successful end. And with hard work, dedication and perseverance, we pour our hearts into our craft, so this way we can gain the symbol of the pinnacle of our success. An Award. In the NFL, all players and all teams work their hardest, so on the first Sunday of February, they are the last team standing, holding up the Vince Lombardi Trophy. In the NBA, all players and all teams work so this way in that hot summer evening in mid June, they are hoisting the Larry O'Brien trophy. In the WWE, all wrestlers and talent, leave it all in the ring, so that they are the ones standing tall in the middle of the ring at Wrestlemnia, holding up the prestigious WWE Championship. But there is a new reward that has risen from the ashes and is now an entity in our lives. After the many articles, the thousands and thousands of words, all the many critical analysis and praise, it comes down to this. Readers, I give to you the Rant Awards Of Wrestling. Since film has The Oscars, Music has The Grammys, Theater has The Tonys and the WWE has The Slammys, we here with Rant Sports Pro Wrestling have the Rant Awards of Wrestling. Please feel free to sit back relax and see some of your all time favorites of the year 2012 be rewarded.

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1.) Weekly Show Of the Year

-Monday Night Raw


Friday Night Smackdown

-WWE Main Event

-TNA Impact Wrestling

2.) Tag Team of the year

-Kaz and Christopher Daniels

-Team Hell No

-Prime Time Players

-Hernandez and Chavo

3.) Rookie of the year


Damien Sandow

-Brodus Clay

-Brad Maddox

-Joey Ryan

4.) Diva/Knockout Of the Year






5.) Announcer of the year:

-Mike Tenay

-Jerry The King Lawler


-Michael Cole

6.) Comeback of the year

-Brock Lesnar


-Luke Gallows

-Chavo Guerrero

7.) OMG moment of the year!

-The Final Rock/Cena Confrontation

-Big Show Knocking Over AJ

-Brock Lesnar Returns

-Austin Aires wins the World Title

8.) PPV of the year

-Wrestlemania 28

-Bound For Glory 2012

Summer Slam 2012

-Slammiversary 2012

9.) Match of the year:

-The Rock vs John Cena (Wrestlemania 28)

-Triple H vs Brock Lesnar (Summer Slam 2012)

-Austin Aires vs Bobby Roode (Destination X 2012)

-Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk @ Over The Limit 2012

10.) Wrestler of the year:

-John Cena

-CM Punk

-Dolph Ziggler

-Austin Aries

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10.) Weekly TV Wrestling Show Of The Year

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MONDAY NIGHT RAW The WWE Flagship show. Since Jan 1993, Raw has been the constant staple in pro wrestling moments and 2012 was no exception.

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9.) 2012 Tag Team Of The Year

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KAZ AND CHRISTOPHER DANIELS Were once X-Division Rivals, but later were paired to gel into a tag team wrecking machine as they have been virtually unstoppable since pairing and becoming a serious tag team in TNA.

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8.) 2012 Rookie Of The Year

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JOEY RYAN The poster child of the "Legalize Sleeze" campaign made a great deal of noise when he was denied a vote from Al Snow from TNA Gut Check. Since Then Joey has made it a point to make sure the wrestling world knows his name.

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7.) 2012 Diva/Knockout Of The Year

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EVE Eve has shown a tremendous deal of improvement in and outside of the ring. Since she shed the "goody good" image, she has made the biggest splash in the WWE Divas division. Attitude is the key.

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6.) 2012 Broadcast Announcer Of The Year

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MICHAEL COLE I probably wouldn't have considered him to be a nominee a few years ago, however, the way he handled the rest of Raw when Jerry Lawler had the on air heart attack, I grew a ton of professional respect for Cole. My hats off to you.

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5.) 2012 Comeback Of The Year

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BROCK LESNAR The Pain RETURNS. Brock Lesnar made his WWE Comeback the night after Wrestlemania and took the world by storm. Lesnar dominated the UFC and came back to re-dominated the WWE.

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4.) Jaw Dropper Moment Of The Year

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AUSTIN ARIES WINS THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP The Internet went absolutely bonkers when Aires defeated Bobby Roode for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Destination X, solidifying Aries as truly one of the best!

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3.) 2012 Pay Per View Of The Year

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BOUND FOR GLORY 2012 Who would've ever thought they would see the day where Bound For Glory would out do Wrestlemania, in terms of quality. And that they did. Every match on the card was stellar. It can be ranked up there with the likes of Wrestlemania 7

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2.) 2012 Match Of The Year

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CM PUNK VS DANIEL BRYAN FOR THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP AT OVER THE LIMIT This was a statement match. Since they were NOT closing the show (Cena vs Laurenitus was), they showed why they should be closing the show. And they gave the fans a clinic. Absolutely amazing.

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1.) 2012 Professional Wrestler Of The Year

pro wrest
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DOLPH ZIGGLER Dolph, this year, excelled beyond belief. He proved that he is supposed to be in the conversation of the top athlete in the world. His match with Cena at TLC proved this be. Ziggler is on the road to be an all time great.