Friday Flashback (1991): The Ultimate Warrior Dethrones a King

By Maurice D. Proffit
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Every Friday, Rant Sports Wrestling  is going to be bringing you a new weekly segment by the name of “Friday Flashback“. Friday Flashback will be a walk down memory lane as we relive a noteworthy pro wrestling feud which lead to an all time classic battle to finally settle the score.  Today, enjoy this visit down memory lane as we head back to the year of 1991.

Macho King Randy Savage vs The Ultimate Warrior

I remember becoming a wrestling fan in 1992 one month before Summer Slam 92, live from Wembley Stadium. Leading up to Summer Slam, it was WWF Superstars that made me excited to see this pay per view. The main event of the show was for the WWF Championship Macho Man Randy Savage vs The Ultimate Warrior. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait. Going into this match, I knew that this was a rematch, as the match had been done already. I did not know this for the reason that they mentioned it, but I knew it because the entire world talked about it when it happened a year and a half prior.

This feud started out at the 1991 Royal Rumble, where The Ultimate Warrior was scheduled to defend the WWF Championship against Sgt. Slaughter. During the show, The Warrior had a one on one interview segment with Mean Gene Okerlund while he was getting ready for his championship match. During the interview, Sensational Queen Sherri came to The Warrior and tried to “physically” entice him to give her client, Macho King Randy Savage a World Title Shot. Sherri used some flirtation methods to sway the Warriors way towards her, but much to her displeasure, The Warrior refused.

This was not the answer that Savage wanted. So much in fact that during the Warriors match with Slaughter, Savage made his presence felt as he smashed his royal scepter in-between the eyes of The Warrior causing the Warrior to lose the title to Slaughter.

Due to this Warrior made it a point to set his sights on Savage for redemption, but every time it would seem that Warrior had his number, Savage would capitalize. In fact, Savage would get the upper hand for the majority of outings on WWF Superstars, and it was only appropriate to sanction a match to once and for all end the feud. A retirement match at Wrestlemania VII.

March 24th 1991, Live from the Los Angeles Sports Arena, the crowd of 15,000 waited impatiently for the single match that will change the landscape of the WWF. When the theme song of “Pomp and Circumstance” pumped through the arena speakers, no one was standing, as they watched King Savage and Queen Sherri enter the arena on a carried throne. Breathtaking. Shortly after, the theme of the Warrior hit, resulting in the audience fulfilled with energy, however unlike his normal entrances where he is running to ringside, Warrior instead walks to the ring. This showed the importance of this match. In conjunction with this, on the back of Warriors trunks, you see a pic of the WWF Title and written around it says “This Match Means Much More Than This”. Wow.

The match was a full charge as both of them went at each other leaving nothing away from the ring. The contest tested both men to levels never reached. Savage looked as incredible as he did back at Wrestlemania 5 when he faced Hulk Hogan while defending the title. Needless to say, Savage was in complete control. So much control in fact, that Savage lands five elbow drops on The Warrior, thinking it would put him a away, but it doesn’t. When The Warrior had a moment of clarity after some minor doubt, this was when The Warrior knew that victory was the only option. After three flying shoulder blocks, The Ultimate Warrior pins Macho king Randy Savage with one foot, being the physical symbol of domination.


Maurice D. Proffit is a writer for Rant Sports


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