Chris Jericho, In Talks With WWE Regarding Ring Return

By Maurice D. Proffit
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On the post aftermath of the 24 hours we just had of the 12/21/2012; “End Of The World” craze that we experienced yesterday, its only fitting that the news of Chris Jericho being in talks with the WWE once again, was happening. The man who held the WWE Universe at attention this time last year with his “Bringing the World to an End” campaign, is once again looking to get back into the ring and perform at a top level.

Chris Jericho has contacted the WWE regarding another run with the company. However, similar to last year, it will be on a short term basis. Jericho prefers to work a program with a younger talent that “could use the rub (“The Rub” = The endorsement from a more established talent to symbolize that you are “ready” to be a top talent) and have the whole feud culminate at Wrestlemania 29.  Jericho prefers this type of schedule freedom, so this way he can fulfill other obligations out side of pro wrestling.

Jericho did this last year, as he built up a feud with the WWE Champion CM Punk. Last year, Jericho’s antics and shenanigans against Punk all came to a head at the biggest show of the year.

Unfortunately, since their match was sharing the same headlining main event matches with the likes of The Rock vs John Cena and Triple H vs The Undertaker, much of its thunder was taken during the build-up. However, let wrestling enthusiast tell it, Punk vs Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania tuned out to be one of  the top matches of the year.

I do not mind this at all, I find this to be quiet comforting knowing that Jericho still has an interest to come back to the ring and perform. Most of all, work with an up and coming talent. I just hope that the WWE puts a few more wins under his belt first so this way, the overall operation is well worth it.

No word regarding who Jericho will face, but whomever it is, they should be much appreciative of this honor.


Maurice D. Proffit is a writer with Rant Sports

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