WWE Active App Sets The Standard With Multi-Media Platform

By Maurice D. Proffit


Photo Courtesy of sescoops.com


Earlier this week, the WWE sent out a press release that their special edition of Monday Night Raw broke all kinds of records in the mobile app industry. WWE Active is proving to be a legitimate dominate force.

This past Monday Night Raw was the special “2012 Slammy Awards” episode where awards were handed out for the superstars achievement in and outside the ring.  This year’s Slammy Awards was the first time ever where it was 100% fan interactive, meaning that the results on who won what award were solely determined by the live and at-home television audience by using the WWE Active app on either their mobile phones, iPads or Android Tablets. Earlier this month, WWE announced that 2.7 million downloads have occurred with the app in 215 countries.  This past Monday night, records were shattered as the WWE released a press release stating that now the WWE Active app now has over 3 million downloads. This past Raw was instrumental in pushing the mobile app downloads to the watchers.

It was a record-setting night for what they call “the second-screen”, as WWE had the second biggest single day of downloads since launch with more than 151,000 downloads and more than 583,000 Slammy votes. The WWE App ranks higher than other Free Entertainment Apps on the iPhone like HBO Go, NBC, Showtime Anytime, ABC Family and Cartoon Network.

In regards to feedback, The Top 5 total votes for all Slammy nominees were:

Kiss of the Year = 95,581

Superstar of the Year = 93,805

LOL Moment of the Year = 81,131

Trending Now Award = 74,386

Match of the Year = 70,568

I remember a time when the WWE would refuse to acknowledge any presence of social media and not be involved. And now they are standing tall above the entire markets of media. Not bad WWE. Not Bad.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports

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