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Pro Wrestling’s Top 10 Matches Of The Year In 2012

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The Top 10 Matches of 2012

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The year 2012 was a much different year for professional wrestling than it has been in the past. This year we saw an overall transition occur with both World Wrestling Entertainment and Total Non-Stop Action. With both of the main wrestling promotions taking a different step in the right direction, we as fans have been graced with some wonderful and memorable matches which is putting us in the right direction of a new day and age of pro wrestling. This article brings to you the countdown of the matches of the year.

The WWE has shown in the latter parts of the year that they are now looking to take a different approach in terms of showcasing the younger talent of the roster as they work their ways up to being the top players and leaders of tomorrow in the WWE. The 2012 Survivor Series made this loud and clear that they were concentrating on a new focus on making sure that the younger talent was getting the correct exposure. Men like Antonio Cesaro, Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel, The Miz, Kofi Kingston and the Shield all showed why they are going to be the go to guys of the future.

WWE Was not the only one taking this initiative, as TNA set their 2012 sights on taking the company in a new direction. During the year, we were granted with the announcement of the new live shows that would occur on Thursdays. In addition to that, "TNA Gut Check" and "Open Fight Night". These elements gave TNA a different feel to it and fans responded to it well.

Within it all, we all had the pleasure of seeing some excellent matches and this list solidifies it.

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#10.) Kurt Angle and AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels and Kaz

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This match from TNA No Surrender 2012 was for the tag team championships and all four men showed why they are considered "Ring Veterans"

Winner: Kaz and Daniels

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#9.) The Rock vs John Cena

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This Dream match was billed "Once in a Lifetime" from Wrestlemania 28 and it exceeded everyone's expectations. The Rock still had it and Cena belonged.

Winner: The Rock

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#8.) Austin Aires vs Jeff Hardy

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Outstanding ladder match between Aires and Hardy in their rematch for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Hardy showed why he owns this style of match.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

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#7.) Brock Lesnar vs Triple H

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2012 gave us another dream match as we saw Skill vs Brutality. This match showed why Brock Lesnar is the monster that he is, from Summer Slam 2012.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

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#6.) Sheamus vs The Big Show

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Here was a match that was disrespected at Hell In a Cell 2012. For the World Title, Sheamus and Big Show brought down the house and showed why THEY should've been in the cell.

Winner: The Big Show

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#5.) Brock Lesnar vs John Cena

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The ugly secret of this match was this was a rematch exactly 9 years later. Except this one was immersed in a pool of blood. Even in a hostile crowd like Chicago at Extreme Rules, the people gained a newly found respect for Cena.

Winner: John Cena.

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#4.) Bobby Roode vs Austin Aires

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Quite possibly the most talked about moment of the year, and one of the most anticipated matches at Destination X for the World Championship. If TNA is set on going in a better direction, this match was the poster child of that philosophy.

Winner: Austin Aires

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#3.) Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena

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If Dolph Ziggler had one shot to show that he belonged in the main event rotation, he did it against John Cena in a ladder match at TLC. Ziggler single-handedly stole the show and showed why he is the future of wrestling.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

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#2.) CM Punk vs Chris Jericho

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The forgotten main event of Wrestlemania 28 (for the WWE Championship btw) that didn't even make the cover of the Blu Ray box. Even though Taker, Triple H and The Rock, Cena were what was talked about, this was the match that reminded everyone why they had the best match of the night.

Winner: CM Punk

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#1.) CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan

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If you want to know about WRESTLING ring psychology and theory this is the match to watch. The very under appreciated and disrespected main event of WWE Over The Limit for the WWE Championship, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan showed the world why it was a mistake to have Cena and Laurenitus close the show. This match was stellar.

Winner: CM Punk