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WWE Rumors: Who Will Undertaker Face At WrestleMania 29?

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The Undertaker: WrestleMania

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Every member of the WWE Universe was filled with excitement when HHH announced that The Undertaker would return to the WWE. After the excitement wore down there was another question on everyone’s mind. Who will challenge The Deadman at WrestleMania 29 and try to end his all-too-famous streak? The rumors have been swirling since last year’s WrestleMania as Taker’s matches on the grandest stage of them all are a highlight on any calendar year.

Memories of his streak begin with great battles against the likes of Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Along the way many victories have impressively been over the largest of opponents from Giant Gonzalez to King Kong Bundy, Diesel, Psycho Sid, Big Show, Mark Henry and Batista. Other victories came over the likes of legends like Ric Flair and his brother Kane.

His epic showdowns have seen him defend Heavyweight Championships while also battling within the confines of Hell In A Cell and other stipulated matches. Some of the today’s top stars came very close with Randy Orton and Edge coming to mind and eventually some battles became classics that will be talked about for ages. How can anyone forget his two encounters with Shawn Michaels or his most recent two with HHH?

All-in-all it’s one of those rare stories that come around once in a life time and can never be replicated. One thing’s for sure and that's that there is no bad ending to this story. Either the streak ends at a perfect score of 20 plus with no defeats or the legendary streak is ended and someone’s made for life. Forever, as the guy who ended the streak.

Here’s five potential guys that could challenge The Undertaker at WrestleMania 29 and try to do just that.

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Number Five: The Rock

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At this point it’s very clear that The Undertaker is on his last legs when it comes to in-ring performance. With such a strong reputation behind his name and his WrestleMania matches you can be sure that both Taker and the WWE are looking for someone who would not only deliver with the ratings but with their in-ring skills as well.

At number five comes none other than the most electrifying man in sports entertainment, The Rock. The People’s Champ has proved that he is still regarded by the fans as a main eventer and someone that draws. A throwback match from The Attitude Era might just be the solution for management who often worries about a lack of marquee match ups during their biggest event of the year. What could make this match appealing is if The Rock were to come out of the Royal Rumble as the WWE Champion.

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Number Four: John Cena

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At number four we have the fan favorite of the WWE Universe in John Cena. Although these two have collided in the past it would be an interesting match to see them collide on the grandest stage of them all. The poster boy of the WWE versus Taker’s streak. The odds of this all depend on when Cena's rivalry with Dolph Ziggler will end. This could be another way for Cena to cement his legacy in the same way that he attempted last year against The Rock?

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Number Three: The Shield

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At number three we have a potential shot in the dark but it could very well fit the trend. The Shield have been on a path of destruction due to the injustice they see within the WWE. They are often seen targeting some of the more premiere talents on the roster. Who bigger than The Undertaker? Who better to make an example of? What better stage than WrestleMania and what better way to get people’s attention than to end the streak?

For Taker, this scenario would not provide his first handicap match at WrestleMania as we saw him take care of The Big Show and A-Train (now Tensai) during WrestleMania 19 bout.

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Number Two: Brock Lesnar

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A match for the ages and one that screams ratings is the challenge of Brock Lesnar. Not only is Lasnar a mega star within the pro wrestling community but outside of it as well. His star power crosses over to the MMA world and beyond that as well. The Undertaker is a well-known MMA fan and was seen publicly challenging Lesnar to a match in recent years.

Physically, this would be Taker’s toughest match and pose a real threat to his streak. For all the money the WWE threw Lesnar’s way it might as well be put to good use and capitalize with a match they will never be able to put forth again.

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Number One: C.M. Punk

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At number one comes a match that would simply be billed as Streak vs. Streak. Two rare streaks. Two meaningful streaks. No superstar is currently hotter than C.M. Punk. Since his "pipe bomb" incident he has been on top of his game and making headlines with all his high-profiled match ups. In such a scenario you have a win-win outcome. Either The Undetaker ends Punk’s legendary title reign and holds the WWE Championship one last time or Punk ends the streak and has his already launched star skyrocket beyond the skies.

I have a gut feeling that this is the road the WWE will take. They have shown faith in Punk that he is one of their guys. They believe that he can deliver in the ring and with the ratings. Win or lose this is a match that will have wrestling and non-wrestling fans tuning in.

One has to believe that at this point The Undertaker gets a say in who he faces and there’s a short list of guys he would like to check off his list for a WrestleMania bout. With the WWE roster still in transition there is not that many marquee names left. You also have to factor in that both the WWE and Taker himself, respectably, need someone who can carry him to matches that will meet the expectations of his most recent bouts against the likes of Edge, Michaels and HHH. Punk is one of the select few who can deliver at that level of excellence.