Plans Of The WWE Network Launch Have Resurfaced

By Maurice D. Proffit
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Remember a year ago at this time, when Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown started airing these very cryptic commercials of certain “surprises” that were up and coming in 2012? One of them had to do with the return of Kane (but with the mask). The other cryptic commercial was “the end of the world” which we soon learned was the return of Y2J, Chris Jericho. But there was one commercial that captivated every wrestling fans attention, quite possibly the most. The commercial was for the soon to be, long awaited, WWE Network.

The announcement of a 24/7 wrestling channel has been the dream come true for every wrestling fan that has blood running through their veins. This was the fantasy that would play in our heads when congregating with our friends  and finally it was to be a reality, the day after Wrestlemania 28. But soon those commercials stopped. Soon, the announcement of the date of the WWE Network was delayed from April to September. But later, we would find out that the release date of the WWE Network would be delayed indefinitely. The problem being is that the WWE Network did not have a home (cable provider). The initial demand for the WWE Network was much lower than what the WWE had anticipated. So, what would be step one, normally, was no longer on the back burner and now the top priority.

However, it has been reported that the WWE Network may not be a dead idea after all, and that there is a possibility of some life being breathed back into it. Currently the WWE is in discussion and negotiations with an investment company in terms of establishing a partnership with the WWE Network. In addition to this, the initial overall plans of the network has said to have changed drastically as well. There isn’t word in terms of the details of the change, if this means that the programming choices would be effected, but it obviously has to have some influence from the new negotiations. Another element added to this information is that now if the WWE Network does launch, it will be via a subscription basis. Personally, I always thought that was the original idea for the network in the first place, but apparently the WWE originally had different ideas in making this network  a part of all cable packages. Making this a subscription only channel will help it get on the air, but then comes the joy of selling it to all of the viewers, which may be much more challenging than originally anticipating. But time will tell regarding the outcome.

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Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer with Rant Sports.

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