The Miz Not Going Over As A Babyface

By Damian Seeto
The Miz Babyface
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When The Miz officially turned into a babyface a few weeks ago, there was some concern at how well it would be received by fans. Those initial fears are starting to become true as WWE officials are concerned about his current reactions from fans turning into a good guy.

As a long time heel, The Miz’s character was perfect to play a bad guy, He was cocky, arrogant and never cared what the fans thought of him. His heel run became so effective, it even earned him a WWE title run at 2011 and he was even booked for the main event of WrestleMania 27.

Although he lost the WWE title shortly after ‘Mania, he continued strong as a heel by teaming up with R-Truth. It wasn’t until 2012 came around the corner did his career start to fall off the radar. He was booked in lots of meaningless mid-card feuds and he never reached to the top spot again.

The WWE wanted to freshen up his character and that’s what made them turn him into a babyface to begin with. Not to mention he does a lot of PR work for the company too so advertisers will use him more in commercials if he was turned into a good guy.

After only a few short weeks, it appears as if the audience isn’t warming to The Miz as much as the company hoped for. The plan right now is for them to “wait it out” and see if fans start to cheer for him in the long run. If not, they will turn him back to a heel ASAP.

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