Can The Rock Save WWE In 2013?

By Damian Seeto
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I think most of us can all agree that The Rock made WWE exciting again when he returned for the first time in seven long years. When he returned in 2011, CM Punk then reinvented himself and continued to make the product interesting again. The Rock then came back in the early part of 2012 to face off against John Cena but then had to depart again for Hollywood.

Albeit brief appearances from Brock Lesnar during the year, anything after Extreme Rules 2012 have been less-than-stellar from a fan’s point of view. Punk’s heel turn is somewhat boring compared to what he did back in 2011 and the 3 hour Raw change has made the show even more boring and long. Ratings have been the lowest they have been since 1997 apart from the TLC PPV, the other events have been glorified Raw shows.

With the Rock due to come back and wrestle Punk at the Royal Rumble, can his star power persuade casual wrestling fans to tune into the product once again? This time he’s not only wrestling, but he will be competing to become the WWE Champion. If he wins, he is likely to appear and wrestle in more matches than he did in 2012.

The Rock has four movies due out in the first half of 2013, and his popularity continues to rise every year. Old and new fans alike love him and this reason alone is likely to push the ratings back up again. Not to mention WrestleMania 29 is just around the corner and that always draws interest.

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