Possible New Location For The WWE NXT Facility

By Maurice D. Proffit


Photo Courtesy Of thesmackdownhotel.com


Do you remember the WCWPower Plant“? The place and location that gave us all time epic talent such as “The Demon”, “The Renegade”  and the tag team “High Voltage”? Its a strong possibility that we can witness the return of the idea of a WWE version of the Power Plant.

Earlier today reports that WWE currently has plans to build a full time facility in the Orlando area that will take the place of the already existing Tampa training facility.

As many fan know, the Tampa Facility is the home to Florida Championship Wrestling, which is the direct training ground direct into World Wrestling Entertainment. The school, is run by Steve Keirn. Steve was one-half of the Fabulous Ones with Stan Lane and also wrestled as Skinner.

Florida Championship Wrestling in Tampa is the ground hub for NXT. This is where the weekly internet shows take place for the upcoming talent. Now, since the full time facility will be opening in Florida, moving NXT here will be the most evident option. With WWE’s departure from the Tampa, there is a good chance that FCW will go back to being its own independent entity similar to when WWE left Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Knowing the WWE, we could see them take advantage of turning the new Orlando facility into an upgraded, all access training center. Possibly can be compared to NFL Standards. Wrestling facility, workout/weight training center (which FCW does not have), upgraded locker rooms, possibly room and board option (which FCW dose not have).

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. However, take into consideration one thing, where is the WWE’s main competition located? Hmmmmm.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports




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