WWE Rumors: John Morrison Coming Back At Royal Rumble 2013

By Damian Seeto
john morrison royal rumble
Image from whitegadget.com

The Royal Rumble is always an exciting time for WWE fans each year. Not only does it mark the official “Road to WrestleMania“, but some surprise wrestlers turn up. The latest rumor to go around is that John Morrison will be coming back as a surprise entrant.

Morrison left the company in 2011 on good terms. He mentioned the reason he did not re-sign a new contract was because he wanted to take time off to heal his injuries. Wrestling fans should know that WWE’s travel schedule is brutal and wrestlers rarely have days off to heal up their bodies properly. With Morrison’s high-flying style of wrestling, this made sense for him to take time out.

Morrison has also said on many occasions that he’s open to return to the company. Unlike other ex-WWE wrestlers, he did not burn any bridges along the way and nor did he jump ship to TNA either like some other talent do when the leave. Morrison has just been taking things easy doing a few independent shows and even trying out comedy as well. He’s been doing comedy to try and improve on his microphone skills.

As of right now, Morrison has not signed a contract to come back to the company just yet. He might sign another contract with the WWE shortly after he makes his comeback at the Royal Rumble if this rumor is true. His comback will be welcomed since the roster is quite thin now and it’s been boring seeing the same wrestlers fight each other all of the time in multiple rematches…

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