Hulk Hogan Itching For One More Hulkamania Run

By Maurice D. Proffit
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Maybe the theory that we have all learned actually is true, maybe Hulkamania WILL live forever. Well, if it does, it most certainly lives within the mind of the man himself, Hulk Hogan. After watching The Nature Boy Ric Flair, make his one night return on the 12/17 edition of Monday Night Raw (The Slammy Awards Show), this theory started to make Hogan think about a possible “one more run” for a possible in ring return.

But would this be a smart move by Hogan?  Would a Hogan in ring return be something that would be appreciated right now or ridiculed? The last time Hulk Hogan was in a match was at Bound For Glory 2011 when Hogan faced Sting. Hogan has not been in the ring due to his knee complications. However, Hogan did say that if he does indeed follow through with a knee replacement, then he will definitely entertain the option of coming back for a final run. This really cannot be a benefit to him, health wise since his last few matches over the last few years has really put mileage on him.

One has to question this decision. Granted, Hogan is an excellent name draw and fans immediately gain nostalgia once his name is mentioned, especially in an upcoming match. But does TNA as a whole, absolutely need Hogan to be in the ring. And  especially, what was reported before with Rant Sports, about Hogan having another run as a World Champion? TNA, believe it or not, has a very impressive talent roster. Young hungry guys looking and ready to grow, along with veterans with 10+ years of experience under their belt. The PPV in 2012 have been stellar and we’ve received outstanding matches. Hogan in the ring and as world champion is not necessary nor needed at all. In 1994 Hulk Hogan going to WCW was the hottest news on the wrestling planet. Almost 20 years later, his return would be as cold as the bottom of an iceberg.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer For Rant Sports

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