The Flair Family Continues To Shine Like Diamonds in Wrestling World

By Maurice D. Proffit
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During the nights that were leading up to this past Christmas, many children were going to bed with visions of sugarplums dancing in their head. And while these same kids were anxiously awaiting the possible sight of seeing jolly ol’ St. Nick, there were a couple of gentlemen who had a somewhat different vision circulating in their minds. Both Reid and Ric Flair were anticipating the return to the wrestling ring, one of them for one more final time.

This Christmas holiday brought a great deal of joy and new outlooks for both The Nature Boy Ric Flair and his youngest son Reid. Ric Flair announced the great news that his son Reid has signed a three month contract with All Japan Pro Wrestling. He will be leaving for the promotion on January 23rd. Reid has a very extensive wrestling background, starting in the amateur rankings and achieving statewide championships, earning himself many national rankings. In addition, Reid has also be working with NWA Mid-Atlantic, where he won the heritage championship. Reid gaining experience in japan would be a great to ad to his repertoire.

Reid is not the only child of the 16 time world heavyweight champion that has been hitting the canvas. Flairs youngest daughter Ashley has been training within the WWE development training center, of FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling). She signed back in May 2012 and is on NXT. Her ring name is “Charlotte“, fitting.

In addition, since Ric Flair made his surprise WWE one night return at the Slammy Awards (the 12/17 edition of Raw), he has stated publicly, that he would like to have one more full time return run with the WWE. Stating that everything dealing with TNA has been put behind him and both parties have separated amicably, giving Flair new found freedom. Taking into consideration his new divorce proceedings, having as much additional income as possible will be an option worth exercising. I see a legends contract in Flairs future as well.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer with Rant Sports

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