Chris Jericho Teasing Seth Rollins On Purpose Via Twitter?

By Damian Seeto
Chris Jericho vs Seth Rollins
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This past weekend, Chris Jericho and Seth Rollins (from The Shield) had an interesting twitter conversation. It appeared as if Jericho was purposefully teasing Rollins via the social networking site. Does this mean Jericho is returning to the WWE soon?

Here’s the full exchange of their “conversation” on twitter:

-Rollins: “#justicelives in our hearts. And we will not be held down another second. Believe in righteousness. Believe in hope. #believeintheshield”

-Jericho: “@WWERollins What the hell are you talking about junior? #flashinthepan”

-Rollins: “@IAmJericho Not just talking, but actualizing. Changing the game that left you in the dust, senior. #believeintheshield #justicelives”

-Jericho: “@WWERollins Learn how to cut a decent promo first, then come back and see me Henry.”

-Jericho: “@WWERollins Wannabe rock star…debatable. Actual 6 time WORLD Champion…undeniable. Wannabe NWO…@TheShieldWWE”

As some people may recall, Jericho had a similar twitter exchange with CM Punk last year before he made his return to the WWE in early 2012. Jericho was calling Punk a copycat Y2J stealing his moves and some of his catch phrases. He then used what he said on twitter in an actual feud when he returned just a few weeks later.

Jericho might be using twitter to help put “The Shield” over. He’s been known to always help out the younger guys in the business and Jericho facing up against Rollins might be a way to let fans know that “The Shield” are the real deal.

It was rumored that Jericho might return back to the WWE after his tour with Fozzy in Australia ends in early March. This might give him enough time to build for a match at WrestleMania 29.

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