What Is Pro Wrestling?

By Sebastian Suave
Courtesy of martialtalk.com

One of the most common debates you here among wrestling fans and non-wrestling fans is about what the true definition of pro wrestling actually is. Many think it’s a sport while others think it’s entertainment. The WWE popularized the term sport entertainment as a happy medium. Many also consider it an art form while others consider it scripted acting.  Continuing, while some consider it violent and barbaric others consider it to be a soap opera and drama. The list of definitions and arguments can go on forever! One thing is for sure and that is that pro wrestling doesn’t have one true definition.

That is the beauty of pro wrestling to me, the fact that it’s not clear cut. Pro wrestling isn’t exactly a sport and it’s not exactly acting. To be honest, it’s a lot more improv than people think and it hurts a lot more than many other competitive sports we have all competed in. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people drop the words “scripted”, “rehearsed” and “practiced” when hearing them explain pro wrestling. All incorrect assumptions.

Regardless of that, over the years I have learned to not even bother with those who hate on it. Why? Because for those who love it, it is whatever the hell they want it to be and for those who don’t it all falls on deaf ears.  So what is it? It’s magic. It really is!

You see, pro wrestling is a mixture of many things. Many styles. Many motives. It takes shape in many ways and mediums. To me, pro wrestling is whatever you want it to me. If pro wrestling puts a smile on your kid’s face because it’s a battle of larger than life gladiators then it’s just that. If it’s a soap opera that compels you to religiously follow the WWE or any promotion then it’s just that. If you watch it for the athletics that combine strength, agility, conditioning and other resilient feats then it’s just that.

This battle isn’t just common among viewers, it’s also a debate among those within the industry with many feeling a sense of legitimacy towards their styles and preferences. The reality is that pro wrestling is like one big circus with different styles of competitors with different personalities and they all compete in different types of matches. In pro wrestling you can find giants and underdogs, athletes and personalities, high flyers and mat technicians, heroes and villains, new school and old school, and a great list of diversity that makes our sport (or form of entertainment) so great!

There may be a particular wrestler or style that doesn’t appeal to you but remember you’re not the only one watching. There’s someone else screaming out their lungs and buying merchandise while you don’t. Pro wrestling is meant  not to discriminate!

We offer something for everyone because at the end of the day it’s not just about winning. It’s about sending people home with a smile.

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