WWE Spoils Title Match Results For New Years Eve Raw

By Damian Seeto
wade barrett raw tour
Image from fanpop.com

It’s common knowledge that internet websites usually spoil wrestling results when they have been pre-taped. The WWE itself spoiled a title change that is to occur at the New Year’s Eve edition of Monday Night Raw.

Some if not most wrestling fans love to watch wrestling shows unspoiled so it’s interesting for the WWE to actually spoil a result like this on its website. Not only was the result branded all over on its website, but the title change was labelled as “breaking news” on both the official Facebook and Twitter pages.

The result they spoiled to fans was that a new Intercontinental Champion was crowned. Wade Barrett became the new champion after defeating Kofi Kingston to win the title for the second ever time.

It’s hard to predict what spoilers can do for ratings as some people like it, and others really hate it. If you’re a Kingston fan, you are unlikely going to watch Raw just to see him lose. On the other hand, fans of Barrett are likely to tune into Raw to see how he won and congratulate him on his victory.

The most famous spoiler ever revealed was when WCW announced during Nitro that Mick Foley won the WWF Title for the first ever time on Raw. This backfired on WCW as more people tuned into Raw than Nitro to see Foley win the prestigious title.

With that being said, spoilers can be both a good thing and a bad thing in the professional wrestling industry. It just depends what happens to your favorite wrestler during the storylines.

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