Wade Barrett Captures The WWE Intercontinental Championship

By Maurice D. Proffit
Photo Courtesy of fr.wwe.sevenload.com


This past weekend, at a WWE Raw House Show In Washington D.C., Wade Barrett faced off against Kofi Kingston for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Just like how we have seen so seldom in the past, history was repeated this weekend as the Intercontinental Championship was won by Barrett.

Talk about a way to kick off the year 2013 than by waking up with championship gold next to you. This will be Wade Barretts 2nd time winning the championship since being in the WWE and wining the first ever NXT Competition. Since Barrett has been repackaged from his previous character themes, he has taken a much more serious approach in his character, demeanor and his persistence of success within the company.

History has shown that winning the Intercontinental Championship is the pathway to a world championship. When you look at the lineage of the Intercontinental title it reads as a “who’s who” list. Men like Shawn Michaels dominated the WWF when he was the Intercontinental champion during the years of 1992-1995, before winning his first world championship in 1996 from Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 12. Speaking of the Excellence of Execution, the same can be said about Hart who defended the IC title proud from 1991-1992, being a two time champion. Shortly after losing the IC title at Summer Slam 1992, Bret would go on to win his first World Championship against Ric Flair in Canada.

The Intercontinental Championship is your way of showing that you belong as a top tier superstar in the WWE. Wade Barrett has an incredible opportunity ahead of him. Lets see how he takes advantage.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports

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