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Five WWE Predictions For 2013

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Five WWE Predictions for 2013

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With they ear 2012 behind us the wrestling world has already reflected on the year that was with reviews and awards. Many members of the media and fans alike have also publicized their Christmas wish lists for 2013 as well. What's next? Well, with it being so early in the calendar it is only fitting to move onto a good old predictions list for the year to come!

What do you forsee in the year to come? Will Dolph Ziggler cash-in his Money In The Bank briefcase successfully or will he fail to win his first ever Heavyweight Championship? Will The Undertaker's "streak" continue or will someone do the impossible come WrestleMania 29? How about the statuses of the other legends of the Attitude Era? What will the roles of The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Chris Jericho and HHH be? Could we see HHH seek revenge against Brock Lesnar or could we see The Rattlesnake one more time in an all-too-fitting dream match against C.M. Punk?

Speaking about the champion, how long will he able to keep the WWE Championship and continue to climb up the ranks of the longest title reign? Will others like Antonio Cesaro and Damien Sandow have breakout years and will some of FCW/NXT's finest get called up? Lastly, will the changes in attitude of guys like Alberto Del Rio and The Miz win the fans over or will these men still be disliked by the WWE Universe?

There certainly is a lot to ponder and no one can truly be sure of what is to come in 2013, no matter how obvious or not one situation is. But hey, it sure is fun to guess! With that said here is my top five WWE predictions for the year of 2013.

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#5: Kassius Ohno Gets Called Up To The WWE

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Over the past year or two the wrestling public has seen a rise in the number of developmental signings among the top prospects on the independent scene. One of the most notables was the signing of Chris Hero now known as Kassius Ohno. I have had the pleasure of going toe-to-toe with Ohno two years ago and he was ever the natural. There's guys who are good and then there's guys like Ohno who are naturals. Much like close friend and former tag partner Cesaro, there's no doubt in my mind that Ohno will be called up and make an immediate impact.

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#4: Randy Orton Turns Heel

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The Viper has had a historic career that many dream of having and he's not even half way through it. Randy Orton had a lot of momentum in past years and was one of the highlights of WWE programming on a regular basis. As of late, his momentum has slowed down due to multiple reasons for injuries to suspensions and growing a little stale among the WWE Universe as a good guy/babyface.

Rumors have been strong and some in the media have quoted Orton saying that he is just dying to go back to being a heel. As a heel Orton had his brightest moments and there's no doubt that his best days are far from being behind him. When the time is right, Orton should and will go heel. When he does, expect Orton to go pedal to the metal and shake the WWE up.

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#3: Ryback Wins The WWE or World Championship

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In my humble opinion, I don't think Ryback is ready for a WWE Championship reign and that he will not be able to deliver a main event caliber match. The talent pool in the WWE is no joke! If Ryback is to be champion, he is expected to not only be on par with guys like Punk but he is expected to surpass their performances. Obviously, there's more to it than that but it's a big risk and there's no reason to rush such a decision.

However, the way I see it is that the WWE has already invested a lot of time and commitment into Ryback. From the days of him plowing through two opponents at a time to his days of chasing the current WWE Championship, his stock is as high as it can get. Anything short of a WWE Championship will be a disappointment, no less after his current losing steak on PPV.

Right or wrong, expect Ryback to become WWE Champion in 2013.

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#2: Alex Riley Is Released

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I would never wish for someone to lose their job no less one they love with a passion. I have no ill will towards Alex Riley either. However, I think in 2013 he will be future endeavored from the WWE.

Does he suck? No. Well, I don't know to be honest. It is hard to gauge his talent based on his short programs against Cena and The Miz. That was a while ago and he's been relatively obscure since. It doesn't seem like the WWE is interested in using him for any significant televised role. With that said it seems that either he will be in a lengthy limbo or he will inevitalby be released.

For Riley's sake, I hope I'm wrong.

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#1: Tyson Kidd Has A Breakout Performance

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Although I said "breakout performance", Tyson Kidd is just as capable of having a breakout year. The reason I went with performance is due to when this all occurs. I truly believe that a talent like Kidd is due and just needs one solid opportunity. He needs the chance to run with the ball once.

Thus far, we have seen some sneak peaks in addition to some respectably notable match ups. However, that's just scratching the surface of what this guy has to offer. If he gets a ball to run with early in 2013, it will be a breakout year. If it's in the middle or later parts of 2013 then it's a breakout performance with 2014 looking promising. That's not denying Kidd's talent. The WWE is a big roster with many big fish being priority come TV and PPV time. So again, it's just a matter of when.