It Took A Real Studd To Win The 1989 Royal Rumble

By Maurice D. Proffit
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The 1989 WWF Royal Rumble would be the return of the star hit from 1988. This would be the first Royal Rumble to be featured live on Pay Per View, as opposed to its predecessor from the year before being on the USA Network. This Royal Rumble was determined to not be defeated by what people will call “the Sophomore curse”. Heading into Wrestlemania V, the Royal Rumble will continue to prove that all World Wrestling Federation programming is above and beyond supreme in the professional wrestling world.

This show was determined to have size and depth added to it by having a 6 man tag, a WWF Womens Championship match (which, with the exception of the Rumble match, was the longest match on the card, going over 16 min. Something absolutely unheard of in today’s WWE Divas wrestling). In addition to a bodybuilding pose down between The Ultimate Warrior and Ravishing Rick Rude. Which would end in controversial fashion after Rick Rude unjustly attacks The Warrior during the pose down.

The Royal Rumble would kick off and in addition to the “go big” theory, this Rumble match would up the ante by adding 10 more wrestlers, making it a 30 man match. The first two men to start off the match would be Axe and Smash from Demolition. One of the rare times where you see tag team members face off, but for two minutes you would see them go at it. One of the highlights of the match was Hulk Hogan‘s accidental elimination of his (then) tag team partner Macho Man Randy Savage (one half of the Mega Powers). This elimination  would add to the already existing dissension that Savage would hold with Hogan. Even with Elizabeth calming Savage down, it wouldn’t be enough. This would eventually lead to Savage and Hogan facing off at Wrestlemania for the WWF Championship.

However, the story being told by all the families going home that night in Houston, TX would be the fact that Big John Studd would be the overall winner in the 1989 WWF Royal Rumble.


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