The Rock Or The Royal Rumble Match; What's More Important?

By Damian Seeto
The Rock Royal Rumble
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According to a report from Wrestlezone, there is some concern from WWE officials and talent about the amount of publicity and advertising The Rock is receiving for his Royal Rumble WWE Title match.

Even though he has yet to appear in the WWE in 2013, current advertising for this year’s event is heavily based on him. He’s featured on the cover of the posters and can be seen in the TV advertisements for the PPV already as well.

The concern is the fact that WWE is not doing enough to advertise the actual Royal Rumble match itself this year. It’s usually one of the most popular PPVs of the year and the match itself is one of the highlights for many fans each year. Some talent and officials feel The Rock’s presence makes the match feel less important than it has been when the match itself was the main event.

In my opinion, why would they be concerned about The Rock appearing/wrestling at a PPV? The ratings and PPV buyrates have been down for the past few months. 2011’s Survivor Series sold well because The Rock was wrestling on the show. The same couldn’t be said about 2012’s event which garnered one of the lowest Survivor Series buyrates in the event’s history.

The Rock’s appearance should be accepted as a good thing for the company right now. Not to mention the last two Royal Rumble winners have been disappointing. Alberto del Rio didn’t really excite fans in 2011 when he won, nor did Sheamus when he won in 2012’s event…

It will be interesting to see which match actually main events this year. Would it be the Royal Rumble match itself or The Rock vs. CM Punk for the WWE Title?

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