Wrestling Flashback Friday (1991): Excellence Meets Perfection

By Maurice D. Proffit
Photo Courtesy of midnightlogic.wordpress.com


The Summer of 1991 was white hot, in terms of all of the happenings of the World Wrestling Federation. Macho Man Randy Savage was just recently reinstated back to the WWF, per the WWF Fan votes and in coming back, Savage and Elizabeth were planning a wedding. In addition, Sgt Slaughter added to his already fearless arsenal another valued weapon creating his own triangle of terror, Colonel Mustafa, also known as the Iron Sheik. The WWF brought in Sid Justice from World Championship Wrestling. But more importantly, the World Wrestling Federation was burning hot with the mid card talent. More particular, the rise of tomorrows leaders was being lead by Mr. Perfect and Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

Summer Slam 1991, live from Madison Square Garden, the crowd was in an absolute frenzy as the 2nd match was on its way for the Intercontinental Championship. This match was technical excellence vs athletic perfection, just the match alone on paper screamed “Instant Classic”. The match encompassed a great deal of chain wrestling coming from the two via a series of counters, offense and defense. Bret made sure to get the early upper hand in the match by taking a slightly more aggressive route, which resulted in Perfect getting his singlet torn.

Perfect realized the signs of vulnerability and instantly switched the level back over into his favor by now being the aggressor. With this brought on, Perfect, mandated a series of offense to break down The Hitman piece by piece. Later in the match after various holds, figure four leg locks, ring weapon use and an unconnected Perfect Plex, Hart looked to have the advantage when he was in control and even took a shot at Mr. Perfects manager “The Coach“. However, shortly after, Perfect would capitalize by striking Hart from behind and deliver various leg drops to Hart’s groin area. On the last drop, Hart would catch Perfect’s leg at the last second, lock the legs, turn Perfect over to detonate Bret’s finishing move, “The Sharpshooter“. The bell would ring after Perfects submission and Bret would be the new World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Champion.


Maurice D. Proffit is a writer for Rant Sports


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