Hulk Hogan's Latest Battle In the Courtroom Rather Than the Ring

By Maurice D. Proffit
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Hulk Hogan is once again leading the headlines. A possible comeback to the ring? Nah. A possible mentor/managerial role? Nah. A possible opening of a “Hulk Hogan Wrestling School” to make the next Immortal One? Nah. Instead, the former World Heavyweight Champion is topping off this mornings headlines, due to his refiling of a $100 Million Dollar Lawsuit against the media celebrity gossip website Gawker for posting a good helping of his sex tape online for the entire world to see.

The original lawsuit for this same claim was filed back in the fall, however Hogan dismissed the suit, so this way he could file the same lawsuit in a Florida court so this way it could be consolidated with a lawsuit that he was filing against the woman on the tape with him, her name is Heather Clem. Many may not know, but Heather Clem is the ex-wife of self proclaimed “shock jock” Bubba The Love Sponge, who has a “Howard Stern Like” morning radio show in Florida. Hogan filed originally filed a suit against both Heather Clem and Bubba The Love Sponge claiming that both played a part in leaking the tape together to the online gossip site to generate buzz and notoriety.

Back in the fall, I spoke about this issue and questioned if this was a way for Hogan to generate some attention, since TNA Bound For Glory was just around the corner. Now the more that is being looked into this, this could actually be a pressing issue going on with Hogan. With all of the turmoil that Hulk Hogan has been through since Thanksgiving of 2007, I can only imagine how much this is taking a toll on him and his legacy. One thing is for sure, as celebrity media may be giving him a Smackdown, fans will always equate him for what he has given us in the past, cherished memories.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer For Rant Sports

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