WWE Rumors: New Age Outlaws Returning to Television

By Andrew Fisher

In a move that many have predicted for awhile, WWE has reunited the New Age Outlaws: Billy Gunn and Road Dogg Jesse James. The two teamed up at house show on December 26th, which marked their first match together in WWE since the year 2000.

Brian James (Road Dogg) was hired back as a talent agent for WWE over year ago, while Kip Sopp (Billy Gunn) was just recently re-signed to help with developmental talent in NXT.

It’s been a long road back for both guys after years away from the company, but it’s a good time for a return. With the recent effort by WWE to place more emphasis on the tag team division, the NAO would be the perfect veteran team to legitimize everything. Sure they’re past their primes, but they would get along just fine in the ring with any team out there.

As far as the team’s return to television, there are no set plans. But the fact that they just appeared at multiple house shows may be an indication the two veterans are gearing up for one last run.

While the new tag team division is better than it has been in a long time, it still lacks that appeal it once had in the 90’s. Rhodes Scholars is probably the best new team, and Sin Cara and Mysterio are always entertaining. Kane and Daniel Bryan are money, but other than that, I just don’t care. The NAO would be a team that would make me care more about the tag titles.

Can the Outlaws re-energize the tag division? I think so, and it appears WWE may be thinking the same thing. If they continue to be booked at house shows, it could be a sign of a return to television in the near future.


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