WWE Rumors: Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar II at Wrestlemania is a Bad Idea

By Andrew Fisher

With all the rumored uncertainty about this year’s Wrestlemania card, the one consistent rumored match is always Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar II.

This of course would be a Summerslam rematch in which Triple H is likely to ‘get his revenge’ on the WWE-hating Lesnar. I wonder how that ends? Yawn

I just flat out do not like this idea, and I think it’s a huge waste of the mega-draw Brock Lesnar. Who is writing this this stuff? The only logical answer is Triple H. I don’t know who else wants to see this match again. Sure, the Summerslam match was very good. I enjoyed every bit of it up until the end when HHH took about seven minutes to leave the ring while he apologized. Yawn

The in-ring product here would be good, I’m down for that, but the storylines and build will no doubt be boring. The only thing that could possibly save it would be the antics of Paul Heyman. As Lesnar’s manager, fans could at least expect some cheap shots towards Hemsley and the McMahons. That’s the only thing I’d look forward too.

One possible way to make it more interesting would be if they had the second match at Elimination Chamber, and then a third and deciding contest at Mania. But maybe the third contest is planned somewhere down the road. Great

If this match happens as a second bout, Triple H is obviously going to win. If this is the route creative decides to go, I really hope there’s more to the story. The outcome already seems horribly obvious even four months out. Hopefully, there will be some type of x-factor in the storyline and build to make it more interesting. But I’m afraid we’re just going to end up with seven more minutes of Triple H awkwardly celebrating after this one.


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