Mike Knox's TNA Debut Falls Flat

By Maurice D. Proffit
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Last night on TNA Thursday Night Impact Wrestling, the main event of the show was Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe vs Devon and a member of the Aces of Eights in a steel cage match. The match ended up being a no contest as there was constant outside interference coming from the Aces of Eights locker room.

However, the main piece of focus that turned to be in the post match melee was when Angle, Joe and Sting (yes, he officially made his return) held a member of Aces of Eights hostage as they closed the cage door. This happened to be one of the member of the group that wears the mask. The three men unmask the member, and we find out its former WWE Superstar, Mike Knox.

Mike Knox? Not the stunning, heart stopping reveal that we all expected in terms of a surprise, but I can assure you that no one else has Mike Knox on their office pool pick of who the masked Aces of Eights members are. This very lackluster reveal makes me ask, is the art of the “secret reveal” gone?

TNA is the sole wrestling organization that still does the “(fill in the blank) came over from the competition and is now in TNA”. WWE doesn’t necessarily entertain this ideal. If the WWE does bring over someone from TNA or ROH, they take time with them to redevelop them to make them their own. So the “reveal” essentially doesn’t exist in the WWE, since they eventually become “WWE Made”.

TNA however still exercises this. Now, if WWE were to get a talent such as Sting, Samoa Joe or AJ Styles, then its safe to say that they would keep their persona. Anyone outside of the top tier talent would be re-packaged. This is a complete contrast from the Monday Night Wars were any reveal was a big deal. A gamer changer if you may.

In addition, Mike Knox’s reveal last night fell very flat as he was not even recognizable. After Mike Tenay had to tell us who he was, he did not look like himself, as his signature beard was cut! Who is this guy?! Why couldn’t they leave the over the top beard, so we knew who he was and then next week he cleans it up? At least we would’ve taken the reveal little more serious.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer For Rant Sports

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